Memorandum of Understanding Template 2Memorandum of Understanding Template 2Memorandum of Understanding Template 2
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A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is required of an agency when they have
applied for funds with partnering organizations. The MOU provides documentation that
demonstrates the organizations have consulted and coordinated the responsibilities of
their grant activities.
The following elements should be considered when constructing an MOU:
 Describe each partner agency;
 State the purpose of the MOU;
 Clearly describe the agreed upon roles and responsibilities each organization or
agency will be providing to ensure project success. The roles and responsibilities
should align with project goals, objectives and target outputs;
 Identify the staff responsible for completing the specific responsibilities, this
should include meeting CVSD reporting requirements;
 Describe how the collaboration/partnership benefits the project;
 Describe the resources each partner would contribute to the project. This can be a
time commitment, in-kind co