Marketing Campaign Template 1Marketing Campaign Template 1Marketing Campaign Template 1
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Marketing campaign
briefing template
Company and brand
Company overview? (Revenues, staff, geographies etc.)
Please outline:
• Brand values
• Brand personality
• Brand positioning statement
• Vision and mission
• Histrionics and idiosyncrasies
• Perceptions (Is the perception different to the reality?)

Provide an overview of the market with a brief history
• Are there any relevant trends that could influence our response?

What region/key territories are we to communicate too? (e.g.: EMEA, APAC, NA, CALA, Swindon etc.)
• Are there any key geography idiosyncrasies that could influence our response?

Please list your main competitors and your ranking
• Do you have examples of competitor activity?
• Do you have a ‘competitive product/service analysis’?

Target and audience
Who are we talking to?
• Age, sex and demographic
• Attitude, position and ambition
• Job function and job titles
What is target audience’s current perception? (Both rationally