Market Analysis Template 1Market Analysis Template 1Market Analysis Template 1
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A Template For Marketing Strategy

This part provides a template for developing a marketing strategy for the smaller organization. The format is a
workbook style with many forms to help provide a solid guide for executing the strategy concepts discussed
earlier. The forms are a shorthand way to get started but they should be supplemented with more detailed discussion. They provide the backbone to one process. A complete marketing strategy document will be in much
more detail than provided by the forms and questions. You will want to refer to the text for a detailed discussion of the concepts before filling in the forms.
The outlines may be done by one individual or by a group. No matter who fills in the forms, they must represent the wisdom of one organization and there must be a consensus among the organization of what is written.
Without agreement on some of the basic marketing facts and assumptions, it will be virtually impossible to
develop consensus later as to what direction the