Maine Purchase and Sale Agreement FormMaine Purchase and Sale Agreement FormMaine Purchase and Sale Agreement Form
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Effective Date is defined in Paragraph 24 of this Agreement.

Effective Date

1. PARTIES: This Agreement is made between
(''Buyer'') and
2. DESCRIPTION: Subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth, Seller agrees to sell and Buyer agrees to buy (
part of ; If "part of" see para. 26 for explanation) the property situated in municipality of
County of
, State of Maine, located at
described in deed(s) recorded at said County's Registry of Deeds Book(s)
, Page(s)


3. FIXTURES: The Buyer and Seller agree that all fixtures, including but not limited to existing storm and screen windows, shades
and/or blinds, shutters, curtain rods, built-in appliances, heating sources/systems including gas and/or kerosene-fired heaters and wood
stoves, sump pump and electrical fixtures are included with the sale except for the following:
Seller represents that all mechanical components of fixtures will be operational at the time of c