Loan Extension Agreement Template
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I. THE PARTIES. This Loan Extension Agreement (“Agreement”) made
____________________, 20____, between:
Borrower: ____________________, with a mailing address of
________________________________________ (“Borrower”) and
Lender: ____________________, with a mailing address of
________________________________________ (“Lender”).
HEREINAFTER the Borrower and Lender shall be referred together as the “Parties” and
in consideration of the covenants herein contained agree as follows:
II. ORIGINAL NOTE. It is known that this Agreement is amending a note that exists
between the Parties signed on ____________________, 20____, for the sum of
____________________ Dollars ($____________________) and maturing on
____________________, 20____ (“Original Note”).
II. EXTENSION. Under this Agreement, the Parties agree to extend the maturity date as
stated in the Original Note to ____________________, 20____ (“Extension Date”).
III. ADDITIONAL TERMS. The Parties agree that all oth