Loan Contract Template 1Loan Contract Template 1Loan Contract Template 1
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Sample Loan Agreement
The sample loan agreement below is a GUIDE only to the sort of agreement that may
be made between the owner of a horse and the person agreeing to take it on loan.
When amended and completed with your own particulars and signed by both parties
it will form a legally binding agreement. However, if you are lending out a valuable
horse and/or if the person to whom you are lending it is unknown to you, you are
strongly advised to take up references and to ask your legal adviser to check the
completed document.
Plain text should be included; bold italics shows where amendments are needed;
italics only are sample clauses you may wish to include.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------The AGREEMENT
This agreement is made on the (Insert DATE) between the parties (Insert Owner's
Name & Address) (hereafter referred to as the OWNER) and (Insert Borrower's
Name and Address) (hereafter referred to as the BORROWER) for the loan of