Letter of Intent to Vacate Rental Property
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Effective Date: ______________________
RE: Intent to Vacate Rental Unit
I. The Tenant: ______________________ (the “Tenant”).
II. The Landlord: ______________________ (the “Landlord”).
III. Address of Premises: _________________________________________ (the “Premises”).
IV. Lease Termination: This letter of intent is meant to notify the Landlord that the Tenant intends to
terminate their lease dated the ___ day of ______________________, 20___.
V. Vacate Date: The Tenant shall vacate the Premises within ___ days of delivering this letter.
VI. Security Deposit: The Landlord shall return the security deposit, minus any deductions, to the
following address: _________________________________________.
VII. Move-Out Inspection: Both the Tenant and Landlord should inspect the Premises on the final
date of occupancy or on any date