Letter of Intent to Hire Template _ SampleLetter of Intent to Hire Template _ Sample
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Date ___________________

Dear ___________________,

I. The Parties. This letter represents confirmation of the intent to employ, ___________________,
(“Candidate”) made by ___________________ (“Principal”), of ___________________ (“Company”)
with a mailing address of ___________________, City of ___________________, State of
___________________, as ___________________ (“Job Title”), and to confirm the broad terms of
our discussions.
II. Commitment. Candidate’s work shall be considered: (check one) ☐ - Part Time ☐ - Full Time.
III. Pay. Candidate’s pay shall be $___________________ (check one) ☐ - Per Hour ☐ - Salary.
IV. Payment Period. Payment shall be made to the Candidate every ☐ - Week ☐ - Bi-Weekly ☐ Monthly ☐ - Quarterly ☐ - Yearly basis.
V. Start Date. It is the intention of the Company to have the Candidate begin employment no later
than ___________________, 20___.
VI. Responsibilities.