Job Description Template 2Job Description Template 2Job Description Template 2
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State of California
Department of Human Resources

CalHR 651 (6/12)
(Please read carefully before completing the Job Description Form.)
Instructions for completing the Job Description Form
The Job Description Form is used to obtain information about your duties to determine
whether your job is properly classified. Please complete the form in your own words and be
clear, accurate, and complete. If a question does not apply to your type of work, write N/A.
Avoid general terms, abbreviations, or vague expressions or conclusions about the difficulty
of your work. For additional space, attach extra pages identified with your name and the
name of your department. When your description is completed, give it to your supervisor.
Your supervisor should review your form for completeness and accuracy and to clarify or
give additional information about your duties and responsibilities. Your supervisor may
attach additional pages to make statements he/she thinks are necessary be