Internship Report 3Internship Report 3Internship Report 3
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Report: P422

Internship Report
August-December 2009
Faunagua, Bolivia


Amber Beerman (851022044080)


MSc. Biology, Wageningen University and Research centre


Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management

WUR supervisor

Dr. Ir. E.T.H.M. Peeters

Practical supervisor

Dr. P. Van Damme (director Faunagua)

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First I would like to thank Dr. P. van Damme, the director of Faunagua, for giving me the opportunity to
do an internship within the organization. For me it was a unique experience to be in Bolivia and to study
an interesting animal species. It also helped to get back my interest in ecological research and to have
new plans for my future career.
I also would like all the people that worked in the office of Faunagua in Cochabamba. With their
patience and openness they created an enjoyable working environment.
Furthermore I want to thank a