Internship Confidentiality Agreement TemplateInternship Confidentiality Agreement TemplateInternship Confidentiality Agreement Template
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This Internship Confidentiality Agreement, known as the "Agreement", is between
______________________________, hereinafter known as the "Intern", and
______________________________, hereinafter known as the "Sponsor". Collectively,
the Intern and Sponsor shall be known as the “Parties”, agree as follows:
1. KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE. The Sponsor shall be recognized as the
individual or entity that provides a position to the Intern in order to obtain knowledge and
experience in an industry that will merit justification of value in accordance with local
and federal laws, hereinafter known as the "Internship Program". Intern agrees to serve
unpaid for the Internship Program and to comply with any and all required policies of the
Sponsor and its Internship Program. The Intern shall not possess the authorization to
represent themselves as an employee of the Sponsor at any time.
2. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. Confidential Information shall include, but not