Indiana Direct Deposit Form 2Indiana Direct Deposit Form 2
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State Form 43591 (R12 / 10-09)
Approved by Auditor of State, 2009
Approved by State Board of Accounts, 2009

1. You may elect up to two (2) direct deposit accounts and must have a primary direct deposit account in order to have a secondary direct deposit account.
2. If you choose to only have one (1) direct deposit account then you will only need to fill out the PRIMARY DIRECT DEPOSIT form below.
3. If you choose to have two (2) direct deposit accounts you will need to fill out both the primary and secondary forms and you must enter a dollar amount
or a percentage on the secondary direct deposit form.
4. If you already have a primary direct deposit account on file with the Auditor's Office, then you only need to complete the secondary direct deposit form.
5. Fill out the employee's portion, attach a voided check, or have your financial institution fill out its portion.
6. Check the type of account - checki