Illinois Direct Deposit Form 2
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Illinois Institute of Technology Direct Deposit Authorization Form
Name: _____________________________________________ Banner ID: _____________________________

Employing Department: __________________________ Email Address: ______________________
I hereby authorize Illinois Institute of Technology Payroll Services to:
START New Direct Deposit
STOP All Direct Deposit
CHANGE my Direct Deposit as follows:
Change all (a change replaces all currently active direct deposit allocations). Fill in each
line of bank information to show how your check should be now.
Add new account(s) (existing accounts will remain unchanged).
Remove account(s) (other accounts will remain unchanged). You MUST have a primary account.
Change amount to be deposited into secondary account.
All new account(s) setups must have attached a voided check or documentation from the bank showing the Bank
Routing Number and the actual Account number. If these documents are not attached, the verification of the
banking informa