HIV Test Informed Consent FormHIV Test Informed Consent Form
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Informed Consent to HIV* Antibody Test
*HIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Before you receive an HIV antibody test, you must give your consent. This form explains the test and how the test results can be used.
It should help you decide whether you want to take the test. Please read it carefully. Your doctor or HIV tester must go over this
information with you. If you have any questions, ask them. Please read all this information before you decide to be tested. If you want
to be tested, please sign the back of this form.
What is the HIV Antibody Test?
It is a test that shows if you have antibodies to HIV in your body. (HIV antibodies are a sign that HIV has entered your body.) A
blood (fingerstick / venipuncture) or oral sample will be taken from you and be tested. If the first test shows that you have the
antibodies, a different test will be done to make sure the first test was right.
What does it mean if the test is negative?
A negative test means you're probably not infected with HIV