Graduate Resume and Curriculum Vitae GuideGraduate Resume and Curriculum Vitae GuideGraduate Resume and Curriculum Vitae Guide
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Graduate Resume and Curriculum Vitae Guide
Resumes and curriculum vitae (CVs) are two types of documents used when applying for positions. Although the format of resumes
and CVs are fairly similar, there are distinct differences in their purpose, length, and amount of detail. Resumes, the most commonly
used of these two documents, are usually used for industry positions. Typically a CV is used for academia and should be used only
when one is specifically requested. If you are unsure which document to provide, you may want to contact the organization directly
to see which they prefer.
 Your marketing tool to prospective employers in industry
 A concise one to two page document that highlights your most relevant experiences and skills tailored to each position to which
you are applying
Tip: Create a master resume of all your experiences and accomplishments. Use this record to write a one to two page tailored resume
for each position you apply for highlighting your mos