Government Code of Conduct ExampleGovernment Code of Conduct ExampleGovernment Code of Conduct Example
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It is the policy of this government that in all cases its employees will perform their duties for the
benefit of the citizens and constituents. They shall conduct the operations of the government with
loyalty, integrity and impartiality, without allowing prejudice, favoritism or the opportunity for
personal gain to influence their decisions or actions or to interfere with serving the public interest.
The purpose of this policy is to establish legal and ethical standards of conduct for all officials
and employees of the government and to require disclosures by all officials and employees of
private, financial or other interests in matters that may affect the government. All government
employees shall adhere to the following code of ethics to build public trust and ensure equitable
treatment for all.

All government employees should demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity,
truthfulness, and honesty in all public activiti