Georgia Purchase and Sale Agreement FormGeorgia Purchase and Sale Agreement FormGeorgia Purchase and Sale Agreement Form
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Offer Date: _________________
2008 Printing
1. Purchase and Sale. The undersigned buyer (“Buyer”) agrees to buy and the undersigned seller (“Seller”) agrees to sell the Property
with the following address ___________________________________________________________ ,
City _______________________________, County_________________________, Georgia, Zip Code ___________
together with all fixtures, landscaping, improvements, appurtenances, and all other property owned by the Seller and attached to the
above real property (except those identified in any Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement attached hereto as not remaining with the
Property) and as more particularly described in the Legal Description Paragraph below (all of which is hereinafter collectively referred to
as “Property”).
2. Legal Description. [Check Section A or B below. The section not marked shall not be a part of this Agreement.]
A. The legal description of the Property is attached as an e