General Receipt Template 1
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Receipt Template
St. Olaf College

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Required when you do not have the required receipt/documentation from the merchant.
Repeated use of this form as substitute documentation may result in card revocation or failure to be reimbursed for expenses > $25.00.

Documentation from the merchant is required for every product purchased.
Transaction documentation may be:
• Receipt and transaction slip from the merchant;
• Packing slip from the delivery (if the packing slip is the only documentation, it must show either the cost of each item
or the total cost of the order);
• Invoice showing payment; or,
• Order form for dues, memberships, subscriptions, or similar items.
Transaction Information
Employee Name: ________________________________________
Merchant (Vendor) Name: ____________________
Department: ____________________________________________


Purchase Date: _____________________________

Description, Quantity, Cost of Each Item Purchased (attach additional