General (Personal Property) Bill of Sale FormGeneral (Personal Property) Bill of Sale Form
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On the ___ day of _________________, 20___ the Seller known as
___________________ with a mailing address of _____________________________
agrees to sell the following item described as
to a Buyer known as ___________________ with a mailing address of
_____________________________ for the purchase price of
$______________________ (US Dollars).
I, the undersigned Seller, agree to sell the above described personal property for the
purchase price and certify that all of the information contained in this document is true
and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
I the undersigned Buyer, recognize this document as a receipt for the personal property
in exchange for the purchase price. I understand that the personal property is being sold
in “as is” condition and that after the sale I will agree not to hold the Seller liable for any
found defects.
SIGNATURE: ________________________ PRINTED NAM