Employee Evaluation FormEmployee Evaluation FormEmployee Evaluation Form
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EMPLOYER: ____________________________
EMPLOYEE: ____________________________ DATE: ________________________
DEPARTMENT: ____________________ JOB TITLE: ______________________

Purpose of this Employee Evaluation

To take a personal inventory, to pin-point weaknesses and strengths and to outline and agree
upon a practical improvement program. Periodically conducted, these Evaluations will provide a
history of development and progress.


Listed below are a number of traits, abilities and characteristics that are important for success in
business. Place an "X" mark on each rating scale, over the descriptive phrase which most
nearly describes the person being rated. (If this form is being used for self-evaluation, you will
be describing yourself.)

Carefully evaluate each of the qualities separately.
Two common mistakes in rating are: (1) A tendency to rate nearly everyone as "average" on
every trait instead of being more critical in judgment. The rat