Donation Form 4Donation Form 4
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Noncash Charitable Contributions

▶ Attach to your tax return if you claimed a total deduction
(Rev. December 2012)
of over $500 for all contributed property.
Department of the Treasury
▶ Information about Form 8283 and its separate instructions is at
Internal Revenue Service
Name(s) shown on your income tax return

OMB No. 1545-0908
Sequence No. 155
Identifying number

Note. Figure the amount of your contribution deduction before completing this form. See your tax return instructions.

Section A. Donated Property of $5,000 or Less and Certain Publicly Traded Securities—List in this section only
items (or groups of similar items) for which you claimed a deduction of $5,000 or less. Also, list certain
publicly traded securities even if the deduction is more than $5,000 (see instructions).
Part I
Information on Donated Property—If you need more space, attach a statement.
(b) If donated property is a vehicle (see instructions),
check the box. Al