Disc Jockey (DJ) Services Contract TemplateDisc Jockey (DJ) Services Contract Template
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I. THE PARTIES. This Disc Jockey Contract (“Agreement”) is entered into on
____________________, 20____ (“Effective Date”), by and between
________________________, with an address of ________________________, City
of ________________________, State of ________________________ (“Client”) and
________________________, with an address of ________________________, City
of ________________________, State of ________________________ (“Disc
Jockey”). The Client and Disc Jockey shall be known collectively as the “Parties.”
Client wishes to engage Disc Jockey to provide Disc Jockey services. Disc Jockey
services shall include providing musical entertainment at the location, date, and time
described in Section II. Disc Jockey may also perform related additional services,
including making general announcements.
II. THE EVENT. The Disc Jockey agrees to perform their services at the following time
and place:
Venue: ________________________
Venue Address: _______