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Business Banking

Business Coach Series

Developing your
business plan

• Building a business plan
• Stating your goals
• Plan for the future

Developing your
business plan

The situation
You intend to start up a business, or perhaps it’s already operating. More
than likely, you are seeking capital — a loan — to get your venture going
or growing. However, before your loan request can be considered, you
have to provide a business plan.
The solution
At BMO Bank of Montreal®, we are committed to helping Canadian
businesses develop and succeed. This Business Coach brochure can help
you to develop a well-thought-out plan.

While a business plan can help you get the financing you need,
it can also help your business succeed over the long term. With a
sound business plan, you’ll have solid goals to aim for, a strategy
for reaching them and a useful understanding of the environment
in which your business is operating. A business plan doesn’t have
to be complicated or time consuming. It simpl