DHL Commercial Invoice TemplateDHL Commercial Invoice TemplateDHL Commercial Invoice Template
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A Commercial Invoice is used when goods are to be sold as part of a commercial transaction. It is acceptable
for Customs purposes if prepared in accordance with Section 141.86 through 141.89 of the United States
Customs Regulations.
The invoice shall be typed on the sender's company stationery in the English language, contain the sending
company's complete address, telephone number and fax, and be signed by the shipper or its agent. An
accurate description of goods is necessary for Customs purposes. If the receiver is different from the
importer, it shall be noted on the invoice. The original commercial invoice, one copy attached to the
shipment paperwork, and one copy attached to the shipment are required.

1. Seller - The seller's (shipper’s) full company name and address, including street address, city, country,
post code, and telephone number.
2. Consignee (Recipient) - Full company name, recipient's name, department, complete address including