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4-H Cookbook Recipe Template
Please return completed recipe form to: LSU AgCenter, P O Box 1364, Coushatta, LA 71019 or fax to 318-9324242 by Tuesday September 2.
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Red River Parish 4-H
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INGREDIENTS: (1) List ALL ingredients in order used in instructions, (2) Divide evenly, placing half of
ingredients in left column, second half in right column, (3) Give measurements in common fractions, (4) No
abbreviations used, (5) Include the size and weight of cans, packages, etc. (6) Please type or print neatly.

METHOD – Instructions for combining ingredients: (1) Use clear instructions for every step of combining and
cooking the ingredients, (2) Make short, clear, concise sentences, (3) Describe combining and cooking processes
in correct cooking food preparation terms, (4) State size of pan, temperature and cooking time
Preparation Time:

Pan Size:

Cooking Temperature:

Cooking Time:

Name of Recipe: Caj