Construction Consultant AgreementConstruction Consultant AgreementConstruction Consultant Agreement
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I. The Parties. This Construction Consultant Agreement ("Agreement") is made
effective as of ____________________, 20____, by and between:
Construction Consultant: ____________________ with a street address of
____________________, City of ____________________, State of
____________________, ("Consultant")
Client: ____________________ with a street address of ____________________, City
of ____________________, State of ____________________ ("Client").
II. Services. Consultant agrees to provide the following Services:
___________________________________________________________ ("Services").
III. Term. The Services shall commence on ____________________, 20____, and end:
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☐ - On the date of ____________________, 20____.
☐ - At completion of the Services performed.
☐ - Upon either party may terminate this Agreement with ____ days’ notice.
☐ - Other. _____________________