Confidentiality Agreement Template 3Confidentiality Agreement Template 3Confidentiality Agreement Template 3
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i³ IP Component Integration Request Form
By completing this form, you and your organization are agreeing to the Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement attached
below. Please fill the form out as completely as possible to speed up the integration process. Once the information
has been reviewed, we will contact you to provide you with further details regarding the integration.
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Contact Information of Integration Requisitioner
First and Last Name
Phone Number
Email Address

Information about the IP Component
Manufacturer’s Name
Model Name
Part Number
Please answer to the best of your knowledge:

Yes / No

Does the Component support RTSP/RTP Media Transmission
Does the Component support HTTP Device Control API
Does the Component support UPnP or mDNS/ZeroConf
Please attach all available documentation to this form

Yes / No

Does the Component have Manual or Specifications Document
Does the Component have Programming SDK/Documentation
Does the Compo