Colorado First Report of Injury FormColorado First Report of Injury FormColorado First Report of Injury Form
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Instructions for Completing the

First Report of Injury
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This form is “fillable.” That means you can type the information onto
the form from your computer and print the form. You will not be able
to save the form onto your computer’s hard drive.
When you open the form, click in the “Employee’s Name” box (field),
complete the information, and use the tab key to navigate to the next
field. Do not use the Enter key; pressing the Enter key will only page
down. Each field has been limited. This means that you cannot
continue to type information into a field if it doesn’t fit into the space
Use numbers only to fill in the fields for Social Security #, phone
numbers and dollar amounts. If a dollar amount contains cents, do
type the period. To fill in a check box, click inside the box with your
mouse. Some check boxes require you to select only one answer;
you cannot check both. The “Injury Description”, “Name of Witness”,
and “Name of Doctor” fields