Colorado Employment Contract TemplatesColorado Employment Contract TemplatesColorado Employment Contract Templates
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This employment agreement (“Agreement”) is made and effective as of ___________________,
20___ by and between a(n) ☐ Individual ☐ Business Entity known as ___________________
having its principal place of business at ___________________, City of
___________________, State of ___________________ (“Employer”) and
___________________ with a mailing address of ___________________, City of
___________________, State of ___________________ (“Employee”).
WHEREAS the Employer intends to hire the Employee for the position of
___________________ and the Employee desires to provide their services on the conditions
set forth.
IN CONSIDERATION of promises and other good and valuable consideration the parties agree
to the following:
I. Employee Duties. The Employee agrees that they will act in accordance with this Agreement
and with the best interests of the Employer in mind, which may or may not require them to
present the best of their skills, experience, and talents,