California Worker's Compensation FormCalifornia Worker's Compensation FormCalifornia Worker's Compensation Form
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Workers’ Compensation Claim Form (DWC 1) & Notice of Potential Eligibility
Formulario de Reclamo de Compensación de Trabajadores (DWC 1) y Notificación de Posible Elegibilidad
If you are injured or become ill, either physically or mentally, because of
your job, including injuries resulting from a workplace crime, you may be
entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Attached is the form for filing
a workers’ compensation claim with your employer. You should read all
of the information below. Keep this sheet and all other papers for your
records. You may be eligible for some or all of the benefits listed
depending on the nature of your claim. If required you will be notified by
the claims administrator, who is responsible for handling your claim,
about your eligibility for benefits.
To file a claim, complete the “Employee” section of the form, keep one
copy and give the rest to your employer. Your employer will then
complete the “Employer” section, give you a dated copy, keep one copy