California Certified Payroll Report RequirementsCalifornia Certified Payroll Report RequirementsCalifornia Certified Payroll Report Requirements
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Certified Payroll Report Requirements
Why you need to fill out:
On HUD projects, certain laws and regulations related to labor must be applied. The Davis Bacon Act requires
the payment of prevailing wage rates determined by the Department of Labor to all labors and mechanics on
Federal government projects in excess of $2,000.00. The Copeland Act requires that each week every
employer must submit weekly payroll reports called certified payroll reports (CPR’s)
You will be provided with one set of necessary HUD forms for the project including the certified payroll report
and HUD start up forms.
Certified Payroll Report
Payrolls must be filled out for each week of work by either an authorized company officer or a person
appointed by the authorized officer until you are completely finished with the project. The “Payroll
Authorization Form” for Subcontractor Appointing an Officer or Employee to Supervise Payment of Employees
must be filled out and returned.
Each payroll week must be numbered