BYOD Policy Sample 2BYOD Policy Sample 2BYOD Policy Sample 2
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White paper

Bring Your..
Own Device..
Adapting to the flood of personal mobile computing devices
accessing campus networks

Executive Summary
The “bring your own device” (BYOD) movement is relatively
new in corporate and K–12 environments, but colleges and
universities have been adapting their networks and policies
to accommodate personal mobile computing devices for quite
some time. Undergraduate and graduate students have been
bringing their own wireless-enabled notebook computers and
smartphones to campus since the dawn of the 21st century.
What has changed in recent years is the quantity of mobile
devices that these students now carry and the fact that so

Table of Contents
2 Why Support Pervasive BYOD?
3 Preparing the Network
3 Addressing Security Concerns
4 Best Practices

many of them expect their institutions to provide ubiquitous,
reliable wireless connectivity.
These days, many students, faculty and staff members
arrive on campus with a notebook computer, smartph