Business Plan - Template - Mauritius_Business Plan - Template - Mauritius_
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Business Plan - Template
Company Name
(same as per Certificate of Incorporation)

Detailed Company Ownership Structure
(including all layers starting from Company name
account being opened to intermediary company and up
to beneficial owners’ level, together with %

Does share capital in the ownership structure
include bearer shares? (Yes/No).
If ‘Yes’, please provide further details.
If ‘No’, where the company or any shareholder (whether
direct or indirect, legal or beneficial) is incorporated in a
country that permits issuance of bearer shares, please
confirm that (a) neither the company nor such
shareholder has issued any bearer shares and (b) further
undertakes that neither the company nor such
shareholder will issue or convert any of its shares or
such shareholder's shares (as the case may be) to bearer
form without the prior written consent of the Bank.

Background details on Beneficial Owners and
Details of Business Activities:
 If Investment Holding: