Business (Sale) Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) TemplateBusiness (Sale) Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template
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This Business Entity Non-Disclosure, hereinafter called the “Agreement”, is between
_________________________, hereinafter called the “Recipient”, who will receive
information concerning _________________________, hereinafter called the “Business
As a condition, the Recipient agrees to treat any information concerning the business,
which is furnished to the Recipient, by the provisions of this agreement, and to take, or
abstain from taking; specific actions as set out below:

The Recipient recognizes and acknowledges the competitive value and confidential
nature of internal, non-public, financial, and client information now and hereafter
furnished or obtained by the Business Entity or representatives, as well as the
damage which could result to the Business Entity if any of this information is
disclosed to any third party.


The Recipient hereby agrees that any and all confidential or proprietary information
will be used solely fo